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+ Corona rapid test / citizen test (free of charge)
+ PCR test with EU certificate (Same-Day*)
+ Antibody test quantitative (Same-Day*)
+ Corona protection & booster vaccination

+ Free citizen tests several times a week
+ PCR tests available for free (if you are a possible contact person).
+ Same day results often available* for all paid services.
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Corona Testcenter Berlin – Gropius Passagen, Corona Testcenter Berlin – Gropius Passagen
PCR Test, Rapid antigen test [free of charge]
Mo-Sa: 09:00 to 20:00
Corona Testcenter Bochum – Ruhr-Park
Antibody test, Rapid antigen test [free of charge]
Mo-Sa: 10:00 to 20:00

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Immediate & charming testing

Free appointment booking, charming sampling and a fast and reliable test result are standard with us. PCR test results (incl. EU certificate) and antibody test results are usually available on the same day. All our locations are of course barrier-free.

You get it right away

Those who arrive on time with us are rewarded. Thanks to our AI-supported, intelligent digital appointment allocation and result transmission, there are no large crowds at the stations.

Safe testing and vaccination by professionals

Professionally performed, high-quality Corona tests offer much higher safety and reliability than amateur self-tests. In addition, the tests are applied carefully and gently by trained personnel.

DSGVO compliant through any crisis

Absolute data economy and data protection throughout the entire process chain. You decide who and when may use your results. In addition, all data is stored in encrypted form.

Protect your family & friends

Unknowingly, many infected people carry the virus without knowing it. Exactly these people infect their loved ones particularly often! In case of a positive test result, we therefore warn you AGAINST professional or private meetings. Protect others by protecting yourself!

Corona warning app and EU certificate

Super fast and reliable digital test verification. Simple and immediately usable in a secure data format. We not only save paper, but also increase your convenience.

Probably the easiest procedure to safe Corona service (3 steps)


Quickly and easily book appointments online. Find the Corona Test & Vaccination Center near you and book your appointment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation afterwards. Our highlight: the family ticket!


Simple and charming procedure without long waiting time. Only about 10 seconds takes the actual sampling / vaccination. For our common safety: We deliberately exceed the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Permanent Vaccination Commission (StiKo) in all processes.


The test results are usually available within a few minutes (excl. PCR). The test results are easily retrievable after just a few minutes and can be used directly.



The tests we use are exclusively tests that we also use and recommend ourselves. We and independent testing institutes are convinced of the quality. These are, of course, listed with the Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices and, among other things, verified by the Paul Ehrlich Institute.


Important: We only serve people who do NOT have or have not had symptoms typical of a cold in the last 14 days!

  • Click on “Make an appointment” above, select the desired service and a time.
  • Please show up on time within the time window and follow the instructions in the appointment invitation.
  • All of our offered services are performed under professional guidance and supervision.

    ATTENTION: Even under your mask, people can tell when you’re smiling: please don’t forget it!

    Bring official photo identification (ideally ID card or passport). Optionally, the health insurance card is to be carried.

    In case of vaccination, please additionally remember the vaccination certificate and the completed documents.

    Please wear a face mask (FFP2) at all times until you are asked to leave. Please also disinfect your hands at least at the entrance.

    There is an automatic and non-contact (fever) temperature measurement. After that, you may come in.



    In any case! You are helping to protect yourself, your loved ones and yourself. The test result is not influenced or distorted by the vaccination status. This is because vaccination explicitly does not guarantee absolute protection against infection and contagion either.

    Multiple weekly (rapid/PCR) testing is therefore to be urgently adhered to, even without symptoms. Persons with symptoms must even be tested immediately and, in the event of a positive PCR test result, follow the appropriate quarantine regulations.

    No, but this certainty will not harm you and can be obtained quickly. An antibody test is basically to detect whether there are anti-Covid 19 antibodies in the blood at the time of testing. If the result is positive or high, it is more likely that the person tested had Corona in the past or was successfully vaccinated. Due to lack of data (that’s why we push this kind of testing so), no specific antibody level could be defined and recognized yet, which predicts with high probability a protection against infection and its duration, which can also vary individually. For this reason, there should be no vaccination exemption for people who (probably) had Corona.

    Covid 19 vaccination potentially reduces the risk of severe coronavirus illness and death. This helps ease the burden on hospitals and combat the pandemic. Even in the case of post-vaccination corona infection, the patient is more likely to be protected from severe courses as well as long-term consequences of the disease, or symptoms are likely to be alleviated. According to recent studies, viral shedding appears to be shorter in Corona-infected individuals who are fully vaccinated than in the unvaccinated. Thus, the likelihood that fully vaccinated individuals will infect those around them with coronavirus is also potentially reduced.

    In particular, staff in busy stores and medical facilities have an approx. fivefold increased risk of severe illness from Corona, compared to other occupational groups. This risk should be avoided for the self-protection of the staff and for the protection of the guests/customers/patients being cared for and drops to approx. less than 1:1,000 with Covid 19 vaccination. Furthermore, the probability of an adverse side effect, e.g. leading to hospitalization, is less than 1:10,000. Full vaccination protection can be achieved after two vaccination doses and is maintained after a period of time with further vaccination doses/boosters.

    Persons who have been proven to be infected with Corona probably have some temporary immunity to the virus. For them, one vaccination dose (consultation with the vaccinator is mandatory) is usually sufficient. If infection has been established by PCR testing, the first dose should be administered no earlier than three months after symptoms have ceased. If specific Covid 19 antibodies were found in the blood by serological detection, the first vaccination may be given as early as four weeks after the test result.

    Please do so, especially a rapid test should be done on the vaccination day! Because it is not clear what effect an (additional) Corona vaccination has in currently covid-positive persons. Therefore, protect yourself and others by the quick certainty.
    In any case, it therefore seems very useful to check immediately before vaccination whether the person to be vaccinated is infected with the virus at the present time. This is therefore an explicit part of our testing and vaccination strategy, which we explicitly implement.

    Basically, this should be done. In particular, a quantitative PCR test (neutralization test) is recommended. As with other vaccine-preventable diseases, there is as yet no (internationally recognized) serological correlate of protection for the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine. To this end, cellular immunity is established after vaccination has occurred, regardless of whether antibodies are formed and in what quantity. This cellular immunity is not easy to measure. For example, in vaccinated individuals with immunodeficiency, a quantitative PCR test (neutralization test) should be performed four weeks after vaccination.

    Probably this vaccination will also accompany us for a while. Like flu vaccines, Corona vaccines are regularly adjusted and repeatedly administered to ensure a high level of vaccine protection (also against new virus variants). With the reduced number of infections, the chance of the emergence of new virus variants decreases.

    This is the only way to succeed! Herd immunity is not achievable until the entire population has been vaccinated. Furthermore, the question of whether and to what extent herd immunity can be expected remains unclear due to the characteristics of the acquired immune response explained above. Therefore, everyday hygiene and protection measures such as spacing, mask wearing, and testing should continue until at least all persons in the at-risk groups have received vaccine protection. However, a globally high vaccination rate and a high vaccination tempo could, among other things, reduce the risk of mutations, which can contribute significantly to the success of pandemic control.

    The technology behind Covid 19 vaccines is not new and has been used in medicine and pharmacy for many years. The pandemic outbreak has accelerated their further development. As with any new drug, the lack of long-term data should not be an objection to the Corona vaccines.

    Ethics committees consisting of physicians and experts from other relevant fields who not only have medical or clinical expertise but are also familiar with ethical issues are responsible for this. They are independent in their decision-making and committed to medical ethics. New medical interventions and clinical research involving human subjects must be evaluated and approved by the relevant committee before they are initiated. Germany has had an independent and multidisciplinary Central Ethics Committee since 1995.