About us

The initiative VIRUS NO, THANK YOU! fights uncertainty and removes existing economic brakes through knowledge, charm and competence.

Together against the pandemic

Number of positive test results month December 2021
RuleBreaker - we make our results public. Nobody else will tell you this number!

Solving economic brakes through health and safety

Our mission is to establish numerous testing and immunization sites for the competent and highly charming provision of various services and offers in the context of the pandemic. SARS-CoV-2 testing and immunized vaccinations are currently the main focus of our activities. The medically trained and service-oriented staff works in direct cooperation with physicians.

We are convinced that we are making an important contribution to our society. Our main drive is to solve currently acting economic brakes and to prevent lockdowns etc.

The initiative VIRUS NO, THANK YOU!

The initiative VIRUS NO, THANK YOU! is an expression of this conviction, because through the combination of modern science, charming services and quality-oriented management, the probably “most charming way to the new normality” can be contested.

No matter if private person, company, authorities, event or tourism, by the quick information about the acute infection status and the own protection level, our guests can quickly get back normality and safety in case of a negative result. Vaccinations can help build a stronger immune system while reducing the risk of unknowingly infecting others (and oneself).

Probably the most comprehensive range of services
for the maximum benefit

You, as our guest, benefit in particular from a super charming care and simplification of all steps, which begins well before your actual visit to us. Yes, we do not have customers or patients, we see you as a guest who accepts an invitation to receive our services. And therefore visit us, we welcome you as a guest!


Corona vaccination:

We are happy to offer you all available variants, for almost the entire family.

Rapid antigen test:

An essential and free step to instant clarity, e.g. for 2G+. Only 15 minutes to the result!

Antibody test:

A possible indicator of the protective status of one's immune system, especially when used regularly.


The gold standard among corona tests and also available from us free of charge (e.g. in case of increased risk).

Product offerings:

Immunization Check Card:

Always and easily prove vaccination status, even without a cell phone (battery dead?) and vaccination booklet (forgotten?).

Lay tests for use home use:

Spontaneously test the visit or yourself without leaving home for it.

Lollytest for at home:

Especially suitable for children and men (!) - without nose picking nor whining.

For the convenience of all parties, please submit wholesale inquiries and cooperation requests through our contact form only.


The most charming way to the new normal

Our core team consists of medically trained and service-intelligent comrades-in-arms. We prove every day: a medically flawless procedure must be germ-sterile to the highest degree, but certainly not cool or even emotionless.

Of course, we also take care of the entire administration (And that’s really a number!) for our guests almost unnoticed in the background. This also guarantees the necessary reports to the responsible health authority.

All sampling and evaluations are carried out exclusively by continuously trained and highly qualified personnel.

More features & advantages

We always combine the best of multiple worlds to be truly useful. Medical excellence meets engineering efficiency and attention to detail, while cognitive scientists and media professionals create unique experiences and customer journeys for you.

Parallel to this, luminaries in business management and human resources work to ensure the right resources are always in the right place at the right time. And along the way, we comply with and exceed billing and compensation regulations as well as the DSGVO as a matter of course.

So it is only logical that we have manifold certifications and accreditations, operate our own laboratories and cooperate with decentrally located, often smaller providers. We can then strengthen the local economy while keeping control for quality management in our hands: Your Advantage on multiple levels with us as your favorite service provider.


The customer experience journey lives from the details

Our strategy is simple and the description of our locations easy. We are looking exclusively for places where we can be really useful for as many people as possible and where our guests can feel really comfortable.

Size alone is rarely a quality criterion, but an old storage space or a kiosk is simply not our thing – and certainly not the taste of our guests. True to the motto “Can it be a little more?” the amount of space available is very much a decisive factor for us, because we find the openness of a room liberating and a little more air volume certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Our sites are located at neuralgic points of daily life, i.e. places with a high frequency of visitors. Ideally, these places are lined with activities that can only be used with special testing / vaccination, so that we can directly help to use these offers.

In addition to location, space and air supply, accessibility is another factor that simply has to fit. There are enough barriers in our lives, for sure we will not build additional ones, but help over them.

WARNING: Our offer is highly suitable for families and will certainly make you “addicted” and happy.

How you can benefit concretely

Use services yourself

  • Make appointments for free citizen tests (rapid tests), antibody determinations and PCR tests with pleasure only with us.
  • We are also happy to take care of your Corona protection immunization and maintenance of your vaccination protection (boosters, etc.).
  • We offer regularly changing promotions for young and old in our centers. Take a look regularly!
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  • Take part and become an active supporter of the Virus-No-Thanks initiative.
  • Feel free to give us feedback and we will do everything we can to improve the quality of our operations.
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  • Word-of-mouth: proactive in your network and circle of acquaintances
  • Power of the internet: feel free to share your experience with us and link to our site, which you liked the best so far.
  • How you can support us additionally

    Share our action in your network

  • Experience good things and talk about them.
  • Influencers welcome: Feel free to share our mission and message.
  • Feel free to link us to your posts. Also, feel free to share the activities that are now possible for you (again)!

  • Locationscout "Suggest new locations".

  • Closing gaps in coverage: You know a location that is likely to be suitable for reaching many people on a permanent basis?
  • In the context of an event known to you, you can imagine that a mobile Corona service can serve new target groups?
  • Quality improvers

  • Share your experiences with us. We would like to develop constantly in order to increase the experience and benefit our guests in quality. Feel free to give us feedback and also other suggestions.

  • Active support & collaboration

  • We are happy to face a really big task and therefore have almost infinite need for support.
  • Share with us your talents and commitment so that we can make a difference together: What can you contribute?
  • You are also welcome to send your application directly to: Mithilfe@virus-nein-danke.de