Corona Testcenter Bochum – Ruhr-Park
Opening hours:
Mo-Sa: 10:00 to 20:00
Antibody test, Rapid antigen test [free of charge]
Ruhr Park Bochum<BrAt shopping center 1, 44791 Bochum - P3 / P4
(Store 57 auf dem Centerplan)
Phone: +49 208 469 319 05 702 700 (no appointment by phone)


The easiest way to find us in the Ruhr Park Bochum (business number 57 on the Ruhr Park Centerplan) is like this:

Our Corona Testcenter Ruhr is located in the covered part of the Ruhr Park. We are looking forward to it exactly between GALERIA und C&A - side by side to Backwerk.

We are accessible for you barrier-free. We recommend the nearby parking lots P3 and especially P4.


In addition, bus lines 336 / 339 / 358 / 364 / 366 / 368 / 379 and 395 serve the Ruhr Park Bochum. The bus lines 358, 368 as well as 395 reach the bus stop closest to the test center at the UCI cinema.

Only walk-in tests are conducted, there is no drive-in. Payment by card only (EC card/credit card/contactless/Apple-Pay etc.).

An online appointment will significantly reduce your waiting time and we strongly advise you to make a reservation in advance.


Location Plan

The fastest and easiest method of registration is via an online tool at: https://virus-nein-danke.de. Otherwise, a telephone hotline is also available: https://virus-nein-danke.de.

As of now, our test centers are again offering free antigen rapid testing (citizen testing). You and your loved ones can now get tested free of charge several times a week.

We ask for prior online reservation/appointment. In a few individual cases, spontaneous on-site appointments can be requested from the staff. Whether appointments are still available on site depends on the workload on the respective day.

The waiting time between rapid test and test result is 15 minutes and 24 hours for PCR tests. All tests will of course be performed by trained personnel.


Corona vaccination:

We are happy to offer you all available variants, for almost the entire family

Rapid antigen test:

An essential and free step to instant clarity, e.g. for 2G+. Approx. 15 minutes to the result

Antibody test:

A possible indicator of the protective status of one's immune system, especially when used regularly


The gold standard among corona tests and also available free of charge (e.g. in case of increased risk)

Product offerings:

Immunization Check Card:

Always and easily prove vaccination status, even without a cell phone (battery dead?) and vaccination booklet (forgotten?)

Lay tests for home use:

Spontaneously test the visitor or yourself without having to leave the house for it

Lollytest for at home:

Especially suitable for children and men (!). Without picking your nose and also without whining

For the convenience of all sides, please make wholesale inquiries and requests for cooperation only through our contact form.

Please note: CASH FREE AND VIRUS FREE CASH. We do not accept cash, but we accept all major cards and payment methods: contactless, Chip & PIN, Google Pay and Apple Pay, Visa, VPay, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

Note: our Virus No Thanks network is constantly growing. As soon as you as a provider of rapid tests/vaccinations are interested in a cooperation with us: please feel free to contact us under.

Together for a safe future
When does it suit you the best?

Corona vaccination

With us, your wishes sometimes come true very quickly.
Finally forget about long waiting times, scarce vaccines, seemingly endless queues and cold as well as emotionless environments: Welcome to the Virus-No-Thanks testing and vaccination network!

We are currently collecting appropriate pre-registrations for our Corona vaccination campaigns. With a certain number of pre-registrations, we will then implement these events immediately and inform you.

To make it even faster for you: assuming your consent, we will additionally inform you, for example, about local vaccination campaigns in your immediate vicinity.